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Back-Up Power

Top-class vehicles have high safety requirements. Now that everything works electronically and nothing is carried out by hand, safety measures must be taken to guarantee energy supply in the event that there is a problem with the main starter battery. Due to the many electronic components, additional consumption has risen enormously.

The back-up power battery is there simply as a precaution, but one that is entirely necessary. The small power pack is used in vehicles with start/stop features and additional units with high energy requirements, such as redundant safety systems or electric steering. The same pioneering AGM technology that is used in the AGM start/stop battery makes the back-up power battery the ideal support for starter batteries.

Technical Data

Product line
Intact Back-Up-Power
Valve regulated battery, Absorbent Glass Mat.
from 12 V 9 AH to 12 V 35 AH
AGM Technology
Cycle stability
Three times more cyles compared to normal batteries
Valve regulated battery, absorbent glass mat, Ca/Ca
Central degassing + flash bag proofed


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