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Battery Guard

Battery monitoring with the smartphone - with the Battery-Guard you always keep an eye on your battery.

With the Battery-Guard and the free Apple or Android app, you are now able to check the charge status of your battery quickly and easily, because only in a steady, positive battery state of charge, the full capacity and usability is ensured. The positive battery charge condition also prevents possible early damage or a failure of the battery. After the easy installation to the battery by cable lugs and after downloading of the Android or Apple app, the current voltage value can be retrieved. The transmitter is suitable for 6 V, 12 V and 24 V batteries. The range is about 6 meters. The four-colour, tachometer-like display shows the state of charge in dark green (fully charged), light green (partially charged), orange (unloaded) and red (fully discharged). In addition, the voltage value is represented alphanumerically. When dropping below the minimum voltage a reference will be made to recharge the battery as soon as possible. By using the app, the voltage of up to 10 batteries can be monitored, obviously an Battery-Guard has to be installed at each battery.

  • Up to 10 vehicles can be monitored
  • Monitoring of 6, 12 and 24 volts possible
  • Easy installation by cable lugs to the battery
  • Power consumption is only about 10 mW
  • No damage to the transmitter or the battery if polarity is reversed
  • Free Download of the App „intAct Battery-Guard“ in the App Store, the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store

More about Battery-Guard:

Technical Data

6 volt batteries: 12 volt batteries: 24 volt batteries:
up to 6,01 volts = deeply discharged up to 12,02 volts = deeply discharged up to 24,04 volts = deeply discharged
6,02 to 6,04 volts = discharged 12,03 to 12,09 volts = discharged 24,05 to 24,19 volts = discharged
6,05 to 6,25 volts = partially charged 12,10 to 12,50 volts = partially charged 24,20 to 25,00 volts = partially charged
above 6,26 volts = charged above 12,51 volts = charged above 25,01 volts = charged


This is how it works:

    Download the Battery-Guard App from the App Store, Google Play Store or from the Windows Store under „Battery-Guard“. Compatible from iPhone 4S, Android 4.3 and Windows 10.
    Attach the Battery-Guard to the battery terminals. Fix the transmitter to the cleaned battery using the adhesive film provided.
    Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and then open the App. Bluetooth search mode is not required.
    The transmitter appears in the list display. You can assign a name, an image and the rated voltage to the transmitter.


Information about correct operation:

You’ve always got an eye on your battery with Battery-Guard. The full capacity and utility of the battery can only be guaranteed at a steady and positive state of charge. The positive state of charge furthermore prevents any possible damage or failure. We recommend performing an appropriate recharge at a charge of 12.50 volts. If the battery reaches a charge status of “deep discharge”, a message appears indicating that the battery needs recharging.

To be able to determine the state of charge of the battery via the voltage, the battery must be at open-circuit voltage. That means: The vehicle must be in a locked state for a minimum of three hours until the battery reaches opencircuit voltage. If the measurement is to be carried out, then the vehicle must also not be unlocked (opened) beforehand. If the vehicle has already been opened, or if drive mode has already been engaged, then other voltage values will be present in the system that will no longer reflect the battery’s state of charge.