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Start-Stop Power

The new intact start-stop-power battery was specially developed for micro hybrid vehicles.  Today, close to 3 million vehicles with start-stop systems are on the road in Europe. By 2015, it is estimated that more than 16 million new vehicles with the fuel-saving system will be manufactured in Europe.

This strong growth will bring about a switch from the conventional starter battery toward the start-stop battery.

The intact start-stop-power AFB battery is a completely maintenance-free SHD battery with fibreglass and lead-calcium-tin alloy. The AFB series is used in small and medium-sized vehicles equipped with start-stop systems.

The intact start-stop-power AGM battery is a completely maintenance-free, high-performance battery equipped with recombination technology providing extremely high cycle stability. The AGM start-stop series is used in medium-sized and full-sized vehicles equipped with start-stop and energy recovery systems. All batteries are manufactured with state of the art OEM quality.

Technical Data

Product line
Intact Start-Stop-Power AGM, 12 V starter batteries for start-stop Useen
from 12 V 70 AH to 12 V 90 AH
AGM (absorbed glass mat) extrem vibration resistant – maintenance free – sealed
Cycle stability
Increased cycle stability
AGM-technology (absorbed glass mat) microporous glass fibre SHD-model
Recombinations technology durch Ventilstopfen


> Micro hybrid cars
> Midsize cars + luxury cars with start-stop system or energy recovery system