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Start-Power New Generation

New Generation PKW + Asia
The times, in which an incorrect battery is installed in the wrong car, are over. The "New Generation" totally fulfils the requirements of all vehicles. It is ideal for vehicles of older construcion as well as for the latest prototypes (charging voltage to 14.8 volts).

New Generation – Truck SHD
The new SHD is the right alternative for complex equipped heavy-duty trucks. All three types are very powerful, maintenance-free and extremely reliable.

Super Heavy Duty, vibration proof V3
The SHD technology combines optimal grid design with mike glass fleece in a separator pocket. This stable technology combined with an extreme resistance to vibration (V3) also allows the use under toughest conditions.

Glass mat separators - more cycles, higher density
Through the use of glass mat separators the new SHD is better protected against a possible deep discharge and the associated sulfation. The use of glass mat separators allows a 30 % higher cycle life compared to conventional commercial vehicle batteries.

Technical Data

Product line
intAct Start-Power, 12 V starter batteries
von 12 V 32 AH bis 12 V 225 AH

Filled = calcium/calcium technology

Top starting performance durable, safe and reliable


> passenger cars
> trucks
> agricultural machinery
> tractors
> buses
> construction equipment